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  • Puncture Resistance

    Puncture Resistance

    Learn About Glove Puncture Resistance What is it? To put it simply, puncture resistance is a measure of the tensile strength of a glove’s materials and how resistant the fibers are to breaking or being forced apart in order for...

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  • Cut Resistance

    Cut Resistance

    Learn About Glove Cut Resistance Standards What is it? When it comes to the topic of hand safety, cut resistance is the single most talked about factor because cuts and lacerations are by far the most common type of hand...

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  • What World Safety Day Means to 212

    What World Safety Day Means to 212

    In honor of World Day for Safety and Health at Work we wanted to take a minute and talk about what safety means to us and why we do what we do. The 212 Performance Team has a long history...

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  • World Day for Safety and Health at Work

    World Day for Safety and Health at Work

    Starting in 2003 the International Labor Organization (ILO) began the yearly observance of April 28 as a day to promote awareness and prevention of accidents and diseases at work. As an organization devoted to advancing opportunities for individuals worldwide to...

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  • Know Which Welding Gloves to Buy

    Know Which Welding Gloves to Buy

    Pick the Right Welding Gloves More than any other industry, having the right welding glove means more than just keeping your fingers and hands safe. Welding gloves can either help or hinder your ability to be productive and get work...

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  • Impact Resistance

    Impact Resistance

    Learn About Impact Resistant Work Gloves What is it? Impact resistance is, mechanically speaking, the ability of a material to resist permanent deformation caused by high force or shock applied to it over an extremely short period of time. When...

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  • EN 388 Update

    EN 388 Update

    EN 388 Gets an Update This past year the European regulatory standard for the EN388 test, updated their cut resistance testing to include a new metric. Why the Change The main, driving reason for the update to the existing method...

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  • 212 Performance Military Gloves

    212 Performance Military Gloves

    The Best for the Best 212 Performance was recently given an opportunity to work hand-in-hand with some of our nation’s bravest individuals, members of our armed forces. The objective was simple; to create a glove that could withstand the brutal...

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  • Duck Creek Days

    Duck Creek Days

    COME SEE 212 PERFORMANCE AT DUCK CREEK DAYS 2018 Friday, July 27 and Saturday, July 28 10am-8pm Duck Creek Days is an annual Artisan Festival held in Duck Creek Village, UT. Come out and support your local community, enjoy live entertainment,...

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