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About Us

Experience The One Degree of Difference™.

212 Performance Gloves is built on the premise of creating industry leading safety solutions for professional industrial settings.

212° is the temperature at which water boils. Anything less is just hot water. The difference of a single degree can suddenly transform water into an explosion of energy powerful enough to run a locomotive. We believe it's that extra degree of effort, care, and attention that empowers our people and products to change the world.

"The One Degree of Difference™"

Let us show you what a big difference 1 degree can mean to your business.

Safety first.

Keeping you safe on the job is our first responsibility. We listen to feedback from our industry partners in the field to create safer and better PPE solutions.

Safety can be complicated, so we made it simple to understand with our safety icons . On every product page, 212 safety icons make it easy to understand the safety features and ratings of our items.

The 212 Team also provides resources like safety articles, industry news, product safety information, and more for safety managers and industry professionals in our blog .

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