Pick the Right Welding Gloves

More than any other industry, having the right welding glove means more than just keeping your fingers and hands safe. Welding gloves can either help or hinder your ability to be productive and get work done.

By welding's nature it is an industry that brings together several extremes that your hand protection needs to defend against. First and foremost is extreme heat both direct and radiant, then there's the often sharp and abrasive nature of the metals being worked on, and let's not forget about spattering droplets of molten metal that tend to burn holes through protective equipment.

Our goal is to help protect you and your hands from these dangers with gloves that are comfortable to wear, increase your dexterity, and help you be more productive.

Our Approach

We have identified four of the most common problems with welding gloves. The first is that they wear out quickly due to being either too thin or that the material isn't resilient enough to resist burn through from splatter, spall, and slag.

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Second, that the materials used in today's gloves are poor quality and are liable to tear or rip. In addition, the stitching used isn't as strong as the rest of the glove and burns away resulting in the glove falling apart during use.

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Third, the materials used are too bulky and inhibit dexterity making working while wearing the gloves difficult.

Fourth, and most important to users, the gloves that would meet the previous requirements are just uncomfortable to wear for any reasonable length of time.

We have taken these four problems and designed a new, revolutionary welding glove line that directly addresses these issues with specialized hand protection that focuses on specific welding types.

Specialized Gloves for Specialized Work

TIG Welding

For TIG welding we have designed two styles of gloves, a standard daily use model with good dexterity and a premium, maximum dexterity model. Our standard model boasts a grade A goatskin palm with a seamless index finger and fire resistant cotton back of the hand, topped with an extended cuff to protect your forearm. Our premium model has the best dexterity we can give you as well as fire resistant knuckle padding, seamless index finger, a cotton/poly heat resistant liner, and Kevlar threading throughout the palm.

MIG Welding

For MIG welding we combined together a unique blend of leathers to create the dexterity you want with the protection you need. This glove is built from the ground up for heavy-duty production welding with heat protective cotton lining to defend you against extreme heat, an extended reinforced thumb saddle to extend the life of the glove , and Kevlar threading throughout the entire glove that won't burn away or melt if splatter hits it.

Stick Welding

For stick welding we have a glove that defies traditional stick welding glove design and combines maximum comfort and durability with dexterity. Other gloves might barely allow you to close your hand around your tools but these revolutionary gloves give you the same level of protection with a heretofore unheard of level of dexterity. This beauty lets you weld longer by drastically cutting back on cool down time while resisting burn through so you don't have to replace them nearly as often.

Picking Just got Easier

With the addition of these four new styles to our existing Fabricator and Seamless Arc styles you will find a glove that meets your personalized needs. Whether you weld all day long or only when you need to, 212 Performance has a glove for you!

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