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Vegas Strong

A Community Unrelenting

Sunday, October 1st, 2017 was a day Las Vegas won’t soon forget. The frantic early morning text messages, panicked phone calls, and frightening news reports as it happened and the momentary feeling of hopelessness we all felt in the aftermath of the shooting at the Route 91 Harvest music festival took its toll on our community. However, amidst the chaos and in front of stunned onlookers across the nation, our first responders and service members led our city’s recovery and have since worked tirelessly to ensure its security. It is not a hard pattern to identify: a building or residence catches fire, our first responders race towards the flames to battle the blaze; a gunman opens fire on an innocent crowd, our first responders put themselves between the shooter and the civilians to shield them. No matter what seems to occur, the men and women that have voluntarily chosen a career path to serve and protect their community and our great nation always come through when we need them most. As they did once again for us in October.

Our Way to Say Thanks

Being located in Las Vegas, we wanted to show our appreciation for first responders and military personnel alike. We launched a campaign that allows any first responder to sign up on our website and receive a free pair of our #VegasStrong gloves. We realize that not all first responders live within our great city, but we felt it was important to communicate that we recognize how the bond and profession that unites all first responders nationwide was with us on that day and those that followed. Our #VegasStrong glove program is just a small way for us to show our thanks for all that our first responders and military personnel do to keep us safe.

Here's How You Can Support

If you are a first responder or currently serving in the military, please click here to receive your free pair of gloves.

If you are not a first responder but would like to show your appreciation, please donate to one of our nominated charities below.

Donate to One of Our Nominated Charities

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