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212 Knee Pads

Expanding Our Offerings

In our continuing efforts to offer the best in safety equipment, we at 212 Performance see firsthand the challenges faced on a daily basis by workers in a wide range of fields. Until now, our efforts were focused on protecting worker’s hands but the time has come to expand our offerings of personal protective equipment. To that end, let us introduce you to the newest additions to our expanded personal protection equipment (PPE) line up, our selection of 212 Performance Knee Pads.

Specialized Styles for Specialized Jobs

No two jobs require quite the same in PPE and while what works in one situation might suffice in another we aren’t here to do “good enough.” Our initial line includes three types of kneepads designed to fill specialized and general purpose use in a range of construction, industrial, and other fields. These include a pair of general purpose foam knee pads that feature a removable hard outer shell ideal for use on home projects as well as the work site. A 6-pack of foam knee pads perfect for outfitting a crew for light duty or intense but short term use. Lastly, a pair of wet surface kneepads perfect for outdoor use in wet or muddy conditions, including concrete forming and pouring.

Comfortable Protection

It doesn’t matter how great a piece of protective gear is if it isn’t comfortable. Wearer comfort is just as important in protective gear as the level of protection is and our kneepads were designed both wearer comfort and protection foremost with features like foam liners that conform to the wearer, glove friendly fastenings, and fully adjustable supple silicone and elastic straps.

Kneepad Features

Our kneepads are designed with multiple features to make them suitable for a wide range of uses and applications. A removable hard shell on our single pair foam kneepads allows them to be used on rough ground and gravel with the shell on and on finished and delicate flooring with it removed for a non-marring option. The wet surface kneepads have solid silicone straps that will not absorb moisture and swell resulting in discomfort or provide a place for bacteria and mold to take root. The outer shell is a firm yet flexible TPR rubber that can be easily rinsed clean of dirt, mud, wet concrete and cement.

  • Hi-viz elastic straps for increased safety
  • Multipack options are available for outfitting crews
  • Made with premium materials

Protection with the One-Degree of Difference

If your job requires you to spend time on your knees, don’t you think they deserve the same level of protection as your hands? Let 212 Performance supply you and your crew with the equipment you need to protect your most valuable tool, yourself!

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