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Wet Surface Flexible Shell Foam Core Knee Pads

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  • MULTI-PURPOSE - Kneepad design is ideal for wet and dirty jobs of all kinds, indoors and outdoors
  • FLEX-TOP - Accordion like section covers top of knee when kneeling to provide maximum protection
  • MOLDED FOAM - Molded EVA foam padding conforms to knees and helps disperse body weight for increased stability
  • COMFORTABLE STRAPS - Single-piece soft silicone straps are fully adjustable for maximum comfort
  • WATER RESISTANT - Enclosed foam and flexible outer shell will not soak up moisture
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Shell and EVA foam core are easy to wash clean when the job is done
When you're hard at work on a project, it's not just your hands that need a little extra protection. Spread the protection around and make things a little easier for your knees with a pair of 212 Performance kneepads. These wet surface kneepads are designed specifically for use in jobs that go beyond the usual kneeling in the dirt and put you and your knees in mud, concrete, rain puddles, and similar to give you maximum protection that is easy to clean off for the next job. Made with a flexible plastic outer shell that adjusts as you move while providing protection against sharp rocks and other materials while being soft enough for use on finished flooring without the risk of damage that comes with stiffer materials. The accordion-like top of the kneepad surrounds your entire knee when kneeling to provide maximum protection and coverage. The single-piece silicone straps are soft and stretch for a comfortable, custom fit while the molded EVA foam padding encloses to protect and stabilize your knees when working. When the job is done the entire kneepad can be easily washed clean with a spray of water to be ready for the next time they are needed.

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