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Economy Full Coverage Lightweight Ear Muff Style 29 dB SNR Hearing Protector

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  • 29 DB SNR - Tested to provide a 29 dB Single Number Rating (SNR) level of noise reduction
  • PADDED HEADBAND - Padded headband provides increased wearer comfort for all-day wear
  • FULL COVERAGE - Soft pads on ear cups fully enclose the ear for a full seal with less pressure
  • 360-DEGREE EAR CUPS - Ear cups feature 360-degree articulation for a better fit and seal around the ear
  • HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE - Each ear cup is mounted to a 12-point ratcheting rail to fit most head sizes
  • FLEXIBLE HEADBAND - Flexible headband bends and adjusts to fit easily over hard hats and uniform caps
  • LIGHTWEIGHT - Lightweight design is made from nylon and polyurethane making it metal free
Industrial machinery, roadway maintenance and construction vehicles, manufacturing equipment, recreational vehicles and some power tools can expose your ears to damaging levels of noise. Protect your hearing with a pair of 212 Performance earmuffs. Made from nylon and soft polyurethane foam padding, these ear muffs are lightweight and entirely metal free. The full coverage ear cups are fit with polyurethane foam pads to fully enclose your ears for a complete seal to block out sound. The ear cups feature 360-degree articulation and a 12-point ratcheting height adjust for a custom fit on most head sizes. The padded headband is flexible, allowing it to bend and adjust to fit around smaller hard hats and uniform caps. Tested to provide a 29 dB Single Number Rating (SNR) level of noise reduction.
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