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Disposable Black Nitrile Gloves (Latex Free)

SKU NTG-05-008
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  • TEXTURED GRIP - Fully textured for extreme grip
  • THIN YET TOUGH - 5mil thickness for elastic protection that doesn’t break
  • AMBIDEXTROUS - Ambidextrous for easy and quick on and off use
  • POWDER FREE - Powder free to avoid unnecessary residue
  • LATEX FREE - Made of synthetic nitrile rubber
  • 100 gloves per box (count by weight) -
Sometimes you don't need the thickest glove, you need a glove that lets you feel every nook and cranny of the job you're working on. At times like that you need 212 Performance's Disposable Black Nitrile Gloves. Perfect for use in plumbing, sanitation/janitorial, automotive, industrial, paint/dye mixing, painting, house cleaning, salon/hair-dyeing, and laboratory work. These fully textured, nitrile gloves are powder-free and ambidextrous to allow for easy on and off. At only 5mil thick they give excellent fit and feel, it's practically like wearing a second skin that won't hinder your natural dexterity. 212 Performance's nitrile gloves are an excellent addition to your tool box, household cleaning bucket, hobby and painting equipment supplies, particularly when you need to avoid a latex allergy.

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