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2-In-1 Foam Knee Pads with Removable Hard Shell

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  • MULTI-PURPOSE - Kneepad design ideal for outdoor use or on delicate flooring with the hard shell removed
  • COMFORTABLE FOAM - Custom molded EVA foam padding disperses body weight and cushions knees
  • ADJUSTABLE FIT - Single strap design uses hook and loop closure for a fully adjustable fit that avoids bunching
  • LIGHTWEIGHT - Lightweight materials won't weigh you down or constantly slide down requiring adjusting
  • REMOVABLE SHELL - Outer hard shell can be easily removed making the knee pad non-marring for indoor use
When you're hard at work on a project, it's not just your hands that need a little extra protection. Spread the protection around and make things a little easier for your knees with a pair of 212 Performance kneepads. These 2-in-1 kneepads are designed specifically for use in jobs that send you outdoors as well as those that bring you back inside. Made with a stiff plastic outer shell that provides protection against sharp rocks and other materials that encloses an EVA foam core that cushions your knees and helps disperse bodyweight. The shell and foam core construction is lightweight and won't weigh down the wearer and won't easily slide down during active movements like heavier constructed kneepads. The single elastic strap uses a simple hook and loop closure to secure the kneepad in place and features a pull tab for easy operation even when wearing gloves. When working indoors on delicate surfaces and finished flooring, the outer hard shell can be easily removed for non-marring use. When work needs you to spend time on your knees, protect them like you do your hands, with 212 Performance.

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