Cold Weather Is Coming

Watching the approach of the winter months, many workers find themselves faced with a familiar and unpleasant choice, "Do I keep my hands safe, or do I keep them warm?" Most protective gloves do great keeping hands safe from injury and harm but aren’t exactly the best at keeping them warm. Likewise, most warm winter gloves, while sometimes thick, don’t give the greatest protection from hazards. With 212 Performance’s new Tundra glove line, don’t make yourself choose between comfort and protection – get both!

Toasty Warm Protection

Every one of the 11 glove styles in our Tundra line is designed first and foremost to keep your hands warm. Some styles have insulated fleece liners rated to keep in the heat even when temperatures drop down to -20 degrees F, so that in all but the nastiest of weather you can keep working comfortably. Even if you don’t need that level of cold defense, the Tundra line features a range of cold protection levels so you can choose the glove that suits the temperatures you work in without sacrificing the hazard protection you need.

Premium Materials and Features

Our Tundra line is made to the same level of craftsmanship and detail as our standard glove lines and use the best available materials to give you reliable protection. Classic features like ANSI A3 and A5 cut protection and premium buffalo leather shells combine with new, winter-specific innovations like waterproof membranes and soft fleece liners to give you exactly the protection you need without sacrificing quality.

Trade Specific Solutions

Just like with our regular line of gloves, we at 212 Performance know that there is no one perfect glove for every job. Utilizing user-driven feedback from both professional athletes, contractors, trade specialists and weekend warriors, we are proud to present a line of gloves engineered to provide trade and purpose specific protection. With everything from impact and cut protection to more specific needs like a waterproof membrane to keep out heat-sapping moisture and flexible silicone grips, there’s bound to be a glove perfect for the challenges you face.

Flexibility, Form, and Function in One

A glove that stops impacts, keeps out water, and protects against sharp edges isn’t worth much if it’s so thick that you can’t wiggle your fingers, let along manipulate tools. Our gloves are crafted to give you the best dexterity we can while packing in all the protection available so that they fit and feel as close as possible to that standard work gloves you’ve come to rely on. So whether you need to stay warm while working on machinery, fixing a fence, doing home repairs, or just shoveling snow or going for a jog, we have your hands covered!

Always Evolving Protection

The Tundra line represents 2 years of tireless work alongside a range of working professionals. Together with their feedback we are proud to launch this all-encompassing winter protection line that keeps true to the 212 model of designing, testing, and producing items that fit their unique needs. Our gloves will continue to evolve as we get more feedback as we strive for our ultimate goal - to make the perfect product.

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